Temporary Works

Green Structural Engineering (GSE) specialises in providing structural engineering services for temporary works in various industries.

Our experienced team collaborates closely with clients to design and deliver safe and reliable temporary structures, including scaffolding, shoring systems, formwork, and more.

We prioritise the structural integrity and stability of these temporary works, considering factors such as load capacity, site conditions, and material selection.

With our expertise in temporary works design, GSE ensures the successful execution of construction projects by providing robust and efficient solutions tailored to our clients’ specific needs.

Construction Engineering & Temporary Works

Nile Street

GSE were initially appointed to provide support to McLaren Construction with party wall issues.

Following successful interaction with the site team we were asked to provide a proposal for a full temporary work package and were appointed for all temporary work design.

We carried out design of site cabin foundations, piling platform, two crane bases, performed 500t mobile crane assessment on Nile Street along with assessment of the structure under outriggers, with tower crane tie connections to the floors.




McLaren Construction

RAF Club

GSE was tasked with the demolition of the North West wing, which involved designing the loading platform, crane base, and assessing the mobile crane.

Our goal was to minimize the requirement for temporary works by carefully planning the demolition sequence.

This approach allowed for efficient debris removal and safe operation of the mobile crane.

Our expertise in structural engineering and demolition practices ensured the project’s success, as we prioritized structural stability and adherence to safety protocols throughout the process.



Chester Square

Green Structural Engineering (GSE) is proud to announce our appointment to prepare the Structural Methodology Statement for the prestigious Chester Square property. With our extensive experience in structural engineering and our commitment to delivering innovative solutions, we are excited to contribute to this project.

The proposed works for the Chester Square property are ambitious and include the construction of a single level basement. This basement will be strategically positioned partially underneath the ground floor, optimizing space utilization and adding valuable functionality to the property. Our team at GSE will carefully analyze the structural requirements and develop a comprehensive methodology statement to guide the construction process.