Green Structural Engineering is committed to providing reliable and innovative structural engineering solutions for educational properties.

Our experienced team collaborates with school administrators, architects, and contractors to ensure the safety and functionality of educational facilities.

From designing robust foundations to structurally sound classrooms and common areas, we prioritise creating secure and conducive learning environments.

GSE’s expertise in educational properties contributes to the development of inspiring spaces that support the growth and education of students.

Our work in this sector

Our Lady & St Philip Neri School

Construction of a new three-storey primary school with a construction cost of circa £3 million. The school consisted of 14 classrooms, library and double height assembly hall. The works included a piled concrete substructure with a modular steel frame superstructure. The floors were constructed using composite metal deck with fibre reinforced concrete.

The construction materials used allowed for a very fast construction programme. The design was also carried out in a short amount of time at the behest of the client. GSE designed the piled foundations and ground beams, steel frame plus below ground drainage. GSE also developed a piling strategy that minimised pre-construction works i.e. piling mats.



Architect & Contractor

The Darwin Group Ltd

Trailfinders Pavilion

The project at hand presented an exciting opportunity to construct a new two-story nursery facility with a spacious floor area and an additional mezzanine level. With the client’s emphasis on timely completion to ensure the nursery’s opening, GSE was entrusted with the task of devising a construction solution that would enable a swift and efficient building process. Through careful analysis and collaboration with the client and contractors, we swiftly recognized that a steel frame combined with a composite metal floor system, supported by sturdy pad foundations, would provide the optimal solution. This approach not only aligned with the contractor’s desired timeline but also offered cost-effective benefits without compromising on structural integrity.

Our experienced team of structural engineers worked diligently to develop a comprehensive design that incorporated the steel frame and composite floor system seamlessly. This approach not only facilitated a rapid construction process but also allowed for enhanced flexibility in accommodating the functional requirements of the nursery, including spacious floor layouts and adequate load-bearing capacity for various amenities and activities.




Stiff & Trevillion

Stamford Raffles Campus

The refurbishment and extension project at the Raffles Campus presented GSE with an opportunity to breathe new life into an existing school building and create a new classroom block. Our team was specifically chosen for the task of designing the necessary structural alterations to modernize and revitalize the campus, ensuring it could meet the evolving needs of the educational institution.

In addition to the refurbishment, we were also entrusted with producing a comprehensive structural package for the construction of a new classroom block on the same school premises. GSE embarked on a meticulous design process that aimed to deliver the project in a cost-effective and efficient manner, adhering to both the budgetary requirements and the desired timeline. By leveraging our deep understanding of structural principles and construction techniques, we were able to optimize the design and ensure the proposed alterations and new build aligned with the project’s goals and met all necessary regulatory standards.




Loxton Associates

St. Jerome School

GSE was appointed to undertake the drainage design and the structural design for the conversion of an existing 1980’s office block. The office block was to be converted into a school on behalf of the St Jerome C of E Bilingual School.

GSE were appointed in two stages. Firstly, to assess the existing structure and its suitability for the proposed change of use. Secondly, to undertake the structural design for the proposed works.



Bramley Oak Academy

Provision of structural and civil engineering services to a school refurbishment and extension. Site supervision and inspection services included.