Green Structural Engineering specialises in designing structurally sound care homes for the healthcare sector.

Our experienced engineers prioritise the safety and well-being of residents, utilising innovative design techniques and advanced materials.

We ensure that our care homes meet and exceed industry standards and regulatory requirements.

At GSE, our commitment is to create secure and nurturing environments that enhance the quality of life for care home residents.

Our work in the sector

North Trade Road

GSE were appointed to undertake both the structural and civil design for this 70 bedroom care home with associated car/cycle parking plus amenity space and landscaping.

Loadbearing masonry walls with precast concrete planks forming the floors, supported on intermediate steel beams. Top storey created within timber trussed roof. Deep (2.5m) concrete trench footings were required due to the presence of nearby trees in shrinkable soils. Deep foundations were developed in conjunction with the contractor as being the most economic construction solution, the alternative being a piled and ground beam solution.




WR Dunn Architects


McGoff Construction

Sarisbury Care Home

GSE were entrusted by Titan Property Developments with a transformative undertaking involving the conversion of a 4-storey office block from the 1970s into 32 modern and elegant flats. This ambitious project goes beyond mere renovation, as GSE strives to create a harmonious blend of contemporary design and functional living spaces.

To achieve this vision, loadbearing masonry walls are enhanced by the incorporation of precast concrete planks, forming robust floors that are expertly supported by intermediate steel beams. The utilization of a timber trussed roof allows for the addition of a top storey, further maximizing the available space and offering breathtaking views. However, the project presents unique challenges, including the presence of nearby trees and shrinkable soils, requiring the implementation of deep concrete trench footings that reach an impressive depth of 2.5 meters.


Sarisbury Green


Brymor Ltd


KWL Architects

Foxley Lane

GSE was entrusted with the responsibility of undertaking both the structural and civil design for this noteworthy project, which required a meticulous approach to ensure a successful outcome. The design encompassed a wide range of elements, from the reinforced concrete lower ground floor to the intricate formation of external terraces using a combination of piles and RC retaining walls.

The lower ground floor, constructed with reinforced concrete, served as the foundation for the development, providing a solid base for the structure above. To create functional and aesthetically pleasing outdoor spaces, a careful combination of piles and RC retaining walls was employed to form the external terraces. This approach not only enhanced the visual appeal of the project but also ensured stability and structural integrity. Moving upwards, the superstructure took shape through the skillful integration of loadbearing masonry walls. These walls provided the necessary strength and support for the structure, while precast concrete planks were ingeniously utilised to form the floors. Intermediate steel beams played a pivotal role in distributing the loads effectively, contributing to the overall stability of the building. Beyond the structural aspects, GSE’s involvement extended to the civil design, which encompassed various components crucial to the project’s success. This included the planning and design of essential civil engineering elements such as drainage systems, roadways, utilities, and site access. By seamlessly integrating these aspects into the overall design, GSE ensured a comprehensive and coordinated approach to the project, maximising efficiency and functionality.



What our clients say

We have worked with GSE for many years. They are very good at what they do and extremely professional. When structural engineers are required, we recommend them to our clients.

Tim, Wandsworth