Forensic Engineering

At Green Structural Engineering, our team of engineers also specialise in the field of forensic engineering. They play a critical role in investigating and analysing structural failures, accidents, and other incidents to determine their causes and provide expert insights.

Our forensic engineers possess in-depth knowledge of structural behaviour, materials science, and failure analysis. They apply their expertise to examine structures, identify defects or weaknesses, and reconstruct the sequence of events leading to the incident. Through meticulous data collection, site inspections, and advanced analytical techniques, they uncover the root causes of failures and provide recommendations to prevent similar incidents in the future.

In addition to structural failures, our forensic engineers also investigate issues related to construction defects, building code violations, and damage caused by natural disasters or accidents. They conduct thorough assessments, evaluate the performance of materials and systems, and provide expert witness testimony when required. The work of our forensic engineers extends beyond investigations. They collaborate with insurance companies, legal teams, and other stakeholders to provide technical guidance, assess liability, and support the resolution of disputes. Their objective and impartial analysis helps to ensure fair outcomes and the implementation of appropriate remedial measures.

“We work with GSE a lot and they have always delivered the structural design on our projects to our satisfaction.”

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