21st February 2023

Project: Esher

What a fantastic day for a site visit! The sun is shining, and it feels like summer is just around the corner.

We were thrilled to be on-site earlier this week for the exciting commencement of piling works on our project in Esher. Collaborating with Octagon Developments Limited, we are embarking on the construction of a new block that will offer high-specification flats across three floors.

As we observed the site, one of the highlights was the impressive piling rig that took center stage. It was a remarkable sight to witness the rig in action, forming the contiguous piled wall that will retain the rear of the leveled site. This critical element ensures the stability and integrity of the structure, setting the foundation for the remarkable development to come.

We are excited to see the progress unfold and witness the transformation of this site into a stunning residential complex that will provide a comfortable and modern living experience