31st January 2023

National Have Fun at Work Day!

On Friday, we had an exciting and memorable experience as we celebrated National Have Fun at Work day. After work, we decided to embark on an adventure at a Sherlock-themed escape room located in Shepherd’s Bush.

With just 30 seconds remaining on the clock, (Team 1) Sarah’s Saviours triumphantly cracked the last code, unlocking the door to freedom. While Sarah’s Saviours were fortunate enough to conquer the challenges and emerge victorious, we couldn’t help but commend the valiant efforts of (Team 2) Kenny’s Angels, who unfortunately fell just short of making it out in time.

In conclusion, our Sherlock-themed escape room experience was an absolute blast, and whether you’re a die-hard Sherlock Holmes fan or simply enjoy solving puzzles, we highly recommend this escapade to anyone seeking an exhilarating and immersive adventure.