Emaleigh Coles
July 18, 2022

Do I need a structural survey?

A structural survey is a comprehensive inspection of a property to provide a detailed evaluation of its condition. Structural surveys outline the condition of each element of the house or commercial property and highlight areas that may need further investigation or any areas that are a cause for concern.

Who undertakes the survey?

A structural survey must always be undertaken by a Chartered Surveyor who is regulated by the RICS (Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors). This is an important accreditation and will ensure that the advice you are getting is of the highest quality and completely independent.

What types of property should you get a structural survey on?

All types of property can have a structural survey, however they are particularly useful for the following:

  • Listed buildings.
  • Properties that are over 50 years old.
  • Buildings that have been constructed in an unusual way.
  • A building that you are looking to renovate or change in some way.
  • A building that has already been renovated or changed in some way.

Is it important to get a structural survey?

A structural survey is a very important document and can provide you with the peace of mind you are looking for, before buying a property. Purchasing a property is often one of the biggest purchases we make in our lifetime, ensuring that the property you buy is structurally sound before signing on the dotted line is essential.

A structural survey will include full descriptions of any visible defects within the property as well as any hidden problems. It will also outline any suggested repair work and offer advise on any potentially dangerous risks.

A structural surveyor will also be able to comment on the general condition of the property, outline any areas of concern & suggest solutions where possible.

Structural surveys are not only useful when buying a property, but they are also useful if you are planning to do any extensive building works or renovations as it will help to identify any potential problems before the work starts and before any damage is caused.

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