June 16, 2016

Some of you may have seen in the news the shocking images of a home that had completely collapsed whilst undergoing renovation.

Image courtesy of – Read the full story here.

Unfortunately, this is not a once in a blue moon occurrence and is something that can be so easily avoided with a proper temporary works plan.

Temporary works are vital in construction as they provide the correct structural support when the rest of the building is compromised in one way or another. Essentially they are the parts of a construction project required to enable the permanent structures to be built. If we use the unfortunate occurrence above as an example, the reason the front of the house began to bow out, eventually leading to the roof falling down, was most likely due to a supporting wall or ceiling being removed with no temporary works in place to hold the building up until the new supporting structures were finished.

It sounds so simple when put in black and white, but surprisingly temporary works are often not put in place, and buildings are often left structurally unsound whilst work is being undertaken. Of course there are a proportion of contractors that get away with this practice, but why take the risk?

Here are Green Structural Engineering we think that having a robust (in every sense of the word!) temporary works plan is imperative, and provide our clients with many years’ experience in designing temporary works for above ground and subterranean schemes for contractors, ensuring that the dreaded ‘The roof has come down’ situation never happens.

Understanding that the same degree of planning and attention needs to be given to the design of temporary works, as to the design of the building itself is vital. Just because temporary works (or TW) are, as they promise, temporary, doesn’t mean they are any less of an important component to your project.

To find out how we can help you with temporary works, or if you have any questions about TW please talk to our experts here.

Remember, it will cost an awful lot more time and money to fix a roof falling down, than it will to put in temporary works!